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Happy Summer!


I have been so busy (and crazy in love) with balancing chakras and crystals! Did I mention that’s my job? I realize that I hvaen’t been posting about the food industry lately and posted here and there about crystals and may have not clearly stated why….


I’ve opened at Reiki/Chakra balancing business in my hometown. This means, you can book appointments with me for a private session or come for a workshop!


Did I jump the gun with my excitement?


You’re not local.

No worries!


Join me, July 11th at 7:00 pm for an online course all about Understanding the Chakras!


In this course, you will:


  • Understand each of the major chakras
  • How they impact your life
  • How to tell if your chakra is deficient or excessive
  • Learn what crystals correspond with each chakra
  • Learn a crystal healing layout technique to balance your chakras


I want everyone to learn about their chakras to discover what self-healing techniques they can be empowered with!

Won’t you join me?

Mark the calendar: JULY 11th, 7pm eastern time

It’s simple, click on the link below to reserve your spot and send me your email address at ( I will then forward you the login information. No refunds.

Have a question? Feel free to email me at

Let’s get balanced!

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