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100%  Organic, Delivered Fresh

This post is sponsored by Farmbox Direct through Wunderlich Inc., all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Talk about goodness! A few weeks ago, I received a knock at my door from my awesome delivery personnel. He gave me a gigantic box of what I consider to be gold. Yes, gold.


Even my daughter thought so! There is nothing that makes me happier than receiving good food! And not even good, but organic, fresh and from local farmers. Does. Not. Get. Better. Than. That!

Farmbox gives you the advantage of having organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, coffee and cold press juice at your fingertips! If it’s not organic or GMO-free, it’s not on their shopping menu.

Ashley, founder of Farmbox, had a vision for this company when she realized the need for delicious wholesome food to feed her family but couldn’t go to the farmers market weekly. Growing up in a family of farmers, she left the corporate world to go back to her roots. She hand picked the farmers to work with and brings you only organic produce.

This is how it works:

You create an account, pick out three Farmbox sizes and the delicious food gets shipped directly to your home. Easy. Done.

If you want to customize your favorite produce, you can! Be sure to shop for the items that you love and enjoy.

I received a large box filled with mushroom, carrots, kiwi berries, Havarti cheese, orange, cucumber, green beans and more! I used all the ingredients to make awesome recipes throughout the week. I felt good knowing how my food felt safe to me. I mean, honestly, you can’t get anything better than food that is GMO-free, organic and against Monsanto <sigh> wins, my heart over and over. My family and I deserve the best and I feel, the best is here.


There is never an obligation to buy. Each week, an email will be sent out letting you know what is being harvested by their farmers. If you’d like, you can choose up to 5 substitutions. And then the food is delivered directly to your door via FedEx. Currently, they only shipping on the east coast but it will open to Nationwide very soon! Stay tuned!

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    • mamapoole says:

      Yes! That’s absolutely one of the reason I love Farmbox as well! You can’t beat the convenience or quality of food!

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