Three Easy, Gluten Free Halloween Treats

And….BOO! Did I scare you? Probably not, but I sure hope these awesome snacks do!


My three and five year old love Halloween almost as much as I do – well, they will soon enough. There’s something fun about getting dressed up as anything you want to be and celebrating the Day of the Dead.

Throughout the day, I make healthy spooky treats for my three year old (she stays home with me) and I send my five year old off to school filling his lunch box with monster treats. They love them!

Only problem, I’m not so artsy. I have seen some amazing work on Etsy and let’s just say, this girl doesn’t have that kind of talent! I envy their creativity!

But what I do have is food and I love to play with it! These three snacks are almost brainless and very easy to make which means, anyone can tackle on this gruesome fun. Best part, all snacks are healthy and gluten free. That is a must requirement in this household.


Introducing pumpkin cheese. Okay, it’s simply a piece of cheese and a Halloween cookie cutter. (Found at dollar store.) You can use any cutter and it’s a great way to jazzy up the traditional (and delicious) cheese snack.


Halloween Apple Teeth are fun to make and really easy to do! Simply quarter an apple and cut out a small wedge in each quarter. Add nut butter and cut cheese to create teeth. You could also use almonds for pointy fangs as well but my kids love the cheese and apple combo.

Finally, my absolutely favorite Halloween treat are Pizza Monsters! It’s yummy beyond compare. I ate the first two monsters and had to make more! I used gluten free bread, add on gluten free pizza sauce and cut cheese into strips. Decorate with olives for eyes. Place in an oven at 350 degrees and cook for six to seven minutes. The bread is super crispy and the flavors are amazing. I used Hot Habanero cheese for spice, but for the kids you may want to use something more mild such as this. Don’t let it fool ya, best. adult. snack. ever.


There you have it, three easy gluten free Halloween snacks at your fingertips.

Food for thought: Over the past few years, I have made some changes to how we celebrate Halloween in our household. For starters, I hate to have my children digest all that unnecessary sugar. I have actually seen it hyper my child to the point of no return that it was very frightful. For the past two years, I have taken them out trick or treating and then asked them if they wanted to turn in their candy for a toy. Guess what they always pick? A toy. I am quite happy with that decision.

Secondly, I don’t give out the sugary treats either. So many children have allergies (nut, gluten free and so forth) that I feel it’s turned unfair to hand out all these so called treats. In my give-out-bag, you will find what I think is the best cheese, pretzels, popcorn, spider rings and pencils. Don’t let Halloween take over you, but make changes to make it how you want it to be.

Always be safe my friends!

Happy Halloween!

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