Wednesday Eats, Kale Chips with Sunflower Seeds

Everyone is talking about all the rage. I wanted to be part of that world too.

As many bloggers must write about what their Wednesday Eats (explain that to me), I’m totally going to jump in. I LOVE food. Who doesn’t love food? Pssssh, this girl does!

This may or may not be true. 😉

PS I am a food blogger… 🙂

So, here we go:

I’ve been addicted to chocolate for breakfast for the past few weeks, so I created a healthy and satisfying smoothie to give my taste buds a hand.

Just because peanut butter and chocolate go together like cheese and pretzels. Yup, one of my favorite snacks!

A few days ago for lunch, I made this delicious salad. I used Near East Falafel Mix and BAM! Things were booming in the kitchen!

I found out you can freeze them, so I re-created my salad for today. What’s inside: arugula (my fav green!), cranberries, feta cheese, falafel’s and ranch dressing. AND FULL

Tip for freezing: Staple the directions to the outside of the bag for easy re-heating!

I nibbled here and there throughout the rest of the day. Sometimes out of boredom, sometimes because the kids wanted snacks, sometimes just because.

  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Pistachios. My kids and I are nuts about them. (Slap forehead now).
  • Cheese stick
  • Yogurt
  • Boiled egg

Whatever I grabbed, I did. So for dinner, I made GF chicken nuggets for the kiddos and I had a whopping bowl of kale. Did that depress you? My dinner choice was kale? I didn’t realize I was going to eat 4 cups of kale chips. I shared with the kids, if that helps?

Hubby wasn’t home so I “downed” dinner. To what I was hungry for instead of a big feast!

I guess I could have served some grilled chicken or something on the side…maybe next time.

To the recipe we go:


The whole 4 cups I ate, I’m telling ya. Anyways, if you want more of a salty taste, use up to 1 tsp garlic salt or any seasoned salt will do. Yuuuummm, o yum!

WARNING: Adding more garlic salt will cause your mouth to rock and may even push people and/or vampires away.

And you have been warned!

ZOOMA Ambassador

By the way, I made the list. Okay, along with other AMAZING bloggers, we made the 2014 ZOOMA Annapolis Ambassadors! Check these girls out!


What do you think? Yay or nay? That was my first ever 5k btw, before you answer  (GUILT TRIP!)….LOL

And finally, I wanted to tell you about The Mint Shop, who pulled together  80+ Recipes for Cold and Flu Remedies! I really do love this! Being a Holistic Health Coach, I’m all about natural remedies.

80+ Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

  • Do you make your own cough drops?
  • Juice for Immunity?
  • Or what to drink when you are feeling under the weather?

Not only do you want to read this, but they also have really cool Eco-friendly products that I am goo goo about.

I really do love this shop. I would, if I could, purchase everything in there. My favorite Eco-friendly items are glass food containers, natural kid toys and even make-up. Yes, all Eco-friendly. Be sure to check them out!

Disclosure: The Wild Mint Shop used one of my links in their 80+ Remedies, I am super excited to make the list! (2nd one this week! Do you know which one I am?) All opinions and my love for the Earth and the Wild Mint Shop’s products are my own.

Question: Do you eat garlic to scare the vampires away or for health reasons?

I don’t judge. 😉



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