GOALS to find a job plus Baked Carrot Sticks

Hi! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was ubber busy.

I got a new flavored Nuun, cherry, but I can’t wait to try them all! (Love this stuff!)

I’m setting up to run today and very excited to do so!

Yesterday, was crazy busy…

We went to Sunday school, stopped for  breakfast (because that’s how we roll every Sunday), followed by an Open House, Grocery, Dinner, Bed, SPLAT. I was exhausted.

I also came to the realization that I need to Go. On. A. Limb. Successfully. Is that right? GOALS.

The truth is, if we don’t set goals, we will walk the same path. We all deserve the best life we can have with the things we want. I love creating goals and making my dreams  a reality, how about you?

My not so little one, is going into Kindergarten this year. My second child is very soon to follow.


To find a part-time job that covers the cost of private school for two.

Then I add a bunch of important criteria to that such as:

  • Must be able to take them to school and pick up
  • Get to volunteer for school activities and projects
  • Have “off” when they have off
  • Work for home would be the bonus.

But sometimes even thinking about it, makes me want to pull my hair out…

Not that hair!

The truth is, I have to Go. Out. And. Live. Successfully


Anything in life is tangible.

I also made some good grub this weekend that is a MUST share.

Making baked carrot sticks is the only way my picky eater will eat a carrot. As a parent, this is quite tricky territory.


My thoughts on fries:

  • I baked mine longer than 20 minutes, turning frequently. I like crunch fries. Make sure to cook until your desired crunchy level.
  • I want to test out a temperature of 425 to see if that felts “crisp” them up faster
  • Honey and Old Bay are my next combos for these babies and not together
  • Try to make them roughly the same size or you’ll have burnt fries 😉
  • Parsnip fries  are also great

And just in case it’s easier to PIN it for later:

Question: How was your weekend?





  1. Sunithi Selvaraj, RD (@ssunithi) says:

    Weekend was busy, headed to Phili visiting my sister and back :)! All the best on your goal !!! Good ones! The carrot sticks look great! May try this this recipe.

    BTW, had crazy hives the last 2 weeks …. testing for allergies. So far can’t eat shrimp and soy 🙁 ! One of the reasons haven’t connected with you much on Fb & other. Will catch up soon!

  2. Life with Kaishon says:

    Hi Amber, Nice to meet you via SITS on facebook tonight. We don’t live too far from each other since I am in Philly : ). I am so sorry about the mall shooting that happened in Maryland this weekend. How scary. My best friend used to teach at a Christian School there and she visited that mall often.

    Good luck with your part time job search! It does sound like a lot to ask, but I am sure that you will find the perfect thing : ).

    Wishing you all the best. Becky

  3. JaimeLovesStuff.com says:

    Your goals are reasonable! I am interviewing for a part time job (tomorrow, actually) to work from home because I am tired of not being able to attend various functions, miss precious photography time and gym time because my work hours are long, my daughter’s therapies are busy and the list goes on!

    Good luck to you!

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