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It’s here! You know, only one of the greatest seasons ever, winter! hahahaha!

Yeah, okay, I know not everyone loves winter, but I do! Bring on the cold snowy weather, that’s what I say. I love to snuggle up and watch the snow fall down out the window, or sit in the lounge and watch people ski. (Love winter and I hate to ski, not sure why that is! But I find it’s a good excuse to have a drink and get a few laughs in while I’m there. Oh snap, is that so wrong of me to say?)

Besides the cold weather, there are a few winter staples I enjoy as well. Beans, meat and squash. Not particularly in that order either. My slow cooker has made it’s way to the kitchen counter where it will stay all season long and then hibernate during the warmer months.

Truth be told, my family doesn’t actually enjoy squash as much as I do but I can serve them my Squash and Apples recipe and they dig in. Okay…I haven’t told them it’s squash. I said it was sweet potatoes and left it at that. Shhh!

Big shout out to GirliChef for hosting this squashin’ good Sunday Supper!

Be completely warned: Your house will smell as if someone is baking a pie. The room will be filled with cinnamon and warm spices. Don’t be surprised if someone checks the oven instead of the crock pot.

crock pot squash

Can you see all those spices? Delicious!


Want more squash recipes? Our Sunday Supper team has an excellent menu for you! Be sure to visit! We will keep you stuffed all winter long!

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  1. Katie says:

    Butternut and apples make such a fantastic taste treat. And I bet it smells amazing when you’re cooking it. If only I had some butternut around my house right now….

  2. Laura says:

    I love that you tell them it is sweet potato. 🙂 Just proves that they really do like it just maybe have it in their head they don’t. My father-in-law is that way with zucchini, if you don’t tell him it is in a dish he loves it, but the second he knows it is there he will say he doesn’t like it.

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