Preschool Art: Learning Color Combos

This week, we are working on the world of C O L O R S and all their beauty. This exercise was to help them discover how to create new colors by mixing the original colors.


  • Large piece of paper
  • Finger paints – we used three
  • Pen/marker/crayons to draw out the color chart




On a large piece of paper draw 9 circles.

Write (with that color) the word chosen for each circle. For example: The word RED is written in the color RED. This helps teach the kids how to spell and recognize the word with the color.

Have your preschooler match the correct finger paint color with the word.


Make sure they put each color at the end as well. Then combine the second color with the first to create a new color!


When they are finished, make sure to have extra paper on hand to continue the finger paint fun! Although a very simple idea, your preschooler will be amazed watching the colors change!

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