Apple Sausage Quinoa

My husband said, “It taste like Thanksgiving stuffing” and my heart melted. If only he knew how healthy this dish was, would he have tasted it from the beginning?

Hubby doesn’t like to try things he is unfamiliar with. Things that are normal to me such as mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, chickpeas and quinoa. Okay…maybe these items aren’t normal to everyone but they sure are yummy! A lot of times, he will study the food on his fork before even trying it. I personally think taste is the best sense but to each their own!

So when I said it was “quinoa” I thought he was going to put down the fork but to my surprise he didn’t. Sometimes I think it’s harder to feed him than my kids! “Quinoa like rice?” he asked. He was actually almost correct.  I did by a combo quinoa….shew, thank you for that!


I can’t hide the fact that this is not your twenty minute meal but it is healthy and quite delicious. Hubs even asked me to write it down so I could save it. Tisk. Tisk. I can’t keep this one to myself!

What I have come to realize is that healthy food can and does actually taste delicious. I prefer foods in their original form now, not processed and in a box. I enjoy using little to no seasoning because I can taste how the item is supposed to taste. Okay I may be pushing it. Be sure to thank the seasoning packet in the quinoa for that one. 😉

Remember to bookmark this one – it’s a keeper.



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