Peach Salsa Nachos # Labor Day #SundaySupper

Is Labor Day weekend here already? I always feel that once summer hits, the year goes by way too fast. I mean just yesterday, I brought to you a really delicious Baked Shrimp and Pasta Caprese…what? Wait. That was last year’s Labor Day #SundaySupper? Sheesh , I can’t keep up.

Speaking of moving too fast, my Peach Salsa Nachos were gone in a speed of light too. This made me feel real good. I don’t know about you but I always feel so pressured to bring something delicious to cookouts and parties. I’m just happy to know this one is in the bag. I mean plate. ;)

When it was announced that Labor Day Sunday Supper was here, I panicked. That meant I had to make something for our family cookout. To be honest, the only words in my head at the time (and why you see it on the list) were layered nachos. I just didn’t know what kind of layers I was going to add!

I love this recipe because it’s not your normal calorie-packed nachos. It’s a healthier version. It’s not layered as I originally had in my mind with the traditional refried beans, olives, salsa, sour cream layers but yummy in-season peaches and delicious tomatoes.

When I reached for a container of salsa from the pantry and realized I picked up peach salsa I was curious. I never tasted peach salsa before. I wanted to know if peaches really do taste good in salsa. The container was good but making it with fresh, real ingredients was ten times better.

Placed on top of warm tortillas with melted cheese and beans, this recipe won mine and my family’s heart.

(PS Of course you could always use refried beans instead of canned beans, it’s up to you!)


I made two large helpings with the ingredients. (Let’s call the plate in the photo one helping, shall we?) I had no idea that peaches and tomatoes go so well together but they are now best friends.

Big shout out to Crazy Foodie Stunts for hosting #Sunday Supper! You rock!

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  1. Diana @EatMoveShine says:

    Great to know on the peach salsa… I’ve been meaning to try it myself! And love that you created a healthier version of something I have a hard time resisting!

  2. Alida says:

    I am looking at a dozen peaches on my counter, and thinking this salsa would be a fun recipe to try. I never would have thought to use them that way…but it sounds absolutely wonderful!

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