Watermelon and Mint Salad #WeekdaySupper

Sunday Supper Movement

Shewie, is it getting hot out there! This week we hit high temperatures and scorching humidity. Believe me, not my favorite combinations, yuck!

As I sat in my 74 degree temperature house, I pulled some refreshing ingredients to help me cool down. (You know, because it’s hot outside…)

Let’s be honest, watermelon rocks in the summertime. I prefer mine sitting in a big glass of vodka but to each their own. My daughter, who can’t experience the joys of vodka yet, enjoys hers by itself or with the dip I’m going to tell you about.

I created this dip, now dressing, because kids love to dip things right? You can try it many different ways. I decided to pour it on as a “salad dressing” to make it more adult-friendly. 🙂 The ingredients for the dressing are simple: yogurt, honey, walnuts and mint. When making a dip, I change it up all the time. Sometimes I leave out the nuts, sometimes I leave out the mint, (honey and yogurt are really yummy), and sometimes I just give them yogurt to dip their fruit in.


This time I had spearmint on hand but any kind of mint will do. I even got fancy and brought out the melon baller, look out!

Join me in some more yummy #WeekdaySupper recipes by the same awesome #SundaySupper crew! Go ahead, check out this week and remember to be cool! (I meant keep cool, same deal!)

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