Baked Beet Chips #Cleaneating

On my facebook page, I decided to announce my new name. I am unofficially, officially calling myself the snack queen. I am completely 100% satisfied with this, officially. I feel I can accomplish making healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners but I’m constantly looking for healthy snack options. I don’t want snacks in a box! (Remember, they are processed and who knows what’s really in them? Eeek!) Since summer is on its way, it’s easier to find fresh fruits and veggies, also making snack options easier. On a regular basis, we eat honey walnut apple sandwiches and raw banana pecan-raisin bites, (which are kid approved according to my four and two year old!) and really easy and quick to make.  I’ve tried all kinds of chips as well, potato, sweet potato, apple and to add to my fun snack list, baked beet chips.

Why beets?

  • Beets are low in calories with zero trans fat and zero saturated fat!
  • Great energy source! They are high in carbohydrates
  • They are inexpensive
  • Used as an aphrodisiac – love that, right?
  • Helps purify the blood and prevent some cancers such as colon
  • Filled with vitamins, iron, magnesium


Mama’s Thoughts:

I made these on a regular baking sheet and a stoneware bar pan with parchment paper. My test was to see which made the best beet chip. I was looking for a chip that was nicely crunchy on the ends and dried out in the middle without being over burnt. I had one very large beet and two small beets. I placed the large beet on the baking sheet so it cooked evenly. You want them closely to the same size and thickness for even cooking.  My other stoneware pan had parchment paper and two smaller beets. My findings: The metal baking sheet by its self made chips that were flat. No curling edges at all. The problem, I burnt them. I know, can you believe I make kitchen mistakes too? Although they were my thickest and largest beet, they dried out the fastest. The stoneware pan needed just a few minutes longer to bake. The edges curled up real nice and made them look like an authentic chip. It was easier for me to control the baking in the stoneware. The baking sheet pan turned to black real fast and I didn’t catch it in time 🙁 If you are carefully keeping an eye on your metal baking sheet, I think you could have real nice chips that are flat, crunchy and delicious, BUT if you are like me and running around doing a million things, use your stoneware pan!

I did enjoy eating the beet chips. They were yummy and a bit on the “oily” side like a regular potato chip. I have to admit, my house had a delicious scent too.

Please note, I am not a physician/doctor or have any type of medical background. I do have the knowledge of lots of research, dedication and commitment to deliver you with the most current facts that I can find. Please see a physician before switching to any dietary plan. I am simply a mother striving to make my family (and yours) healthier one step at a time.




  1. sunithi says:

    Nice chips. Have made them in nuwave oven and they came out good, all curly etc. But I can’t make too many in the nuwave oven at a time so I may try the oven method. I do have a baking stoneware sheet I have never used. Maybe it’s time to pull it out 🙂

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