Baked Pear Delight #Cleaneating

Mother nature didn’t steer us wrong when she gave us pears. They are one of my favorite sweet treats! (And you can develop delicious recipes, like this Clean Eating – Baked Pear Delight!) There are many different varieties, textures and taste to enjoy. I particularly like eating  Bosc and D’Anjou however the Barlette and Asian pears are really good too! In North America, you can find pears from August through May and sometimes even in June. They are generally planted in the Springtime.

Why eat pears?

  • Good source of fiber. A pear has non soluble polysaccharide, which is great for a laxative in the gut!
  • Contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E
  • Said to be one of the least allergenic foods
  • Skin of pear has an antioxidant called quercetin, which helps aid the prevention of cancer

How to select the right pear for you?

  • Choose a pear that is slightly under ripe
  • Look for well-colored and undamaged
  • When they are ripe, they will have a nice sweet fragrance
  • The touch should have a gentle pressure and not mushy

How to store pears?

  • Pears should be stored at room temperature if you are trying to ripen them. If you want to “save” a ripen pear, place in fridge up to a few days.


Mama’s Thoughts:

I enjoy eating baked pears for breakfast. It’s a nice sweet treat to have in the morning but I would also eat it for dessert or a late night snack. The scent of cinnamon baking is phenomenal. I also feel quite filled after eating one.

Please note, I am not a physician/doctor or have any type of medical background. I do have the knowledge of lots of research, dedication and commitment to deliver you with the most current facts that I can find. Please see a physician before switching to any dietary plan. I am simply a mother striving to make my family (and yours) healthier one step at a time.





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