Snack Time! Sweet Potato Chips

Snack time for me is quite necessary. Do you feel the same? My tummy starts to grumble in those minutes between meals and I find it quite easy to grab something from a box. Oh the box…I have been trying to eat whole foods for a while now. I love how they make me feel: energized and great! But I find it easy to still grab for a box of something 100 calorie or some cookies.

As mentioned a bunch of times, I have a soda problem. The sweetness of the soda really fills my cravings. I have made some improvements and when I feel a craving come on, I juice spinach and grapes. Click for recipe here. It is really quite delicious and then I don’t mind skipping the soda.

Another way to eliminate cravings is by replacing the “bad” drink with something sweet but healthy. Sweet potatoes seem to hit the spot as well. Sweet potatoes contain B6 (helps prevent heart attacks), good source of vitamin C, contain vitamin D (good for moods and energy), contain iron and good source of magnesium (an anti-stress mineral).

The apple chips I made last time (click here for recipe) were a great hit in my house. So much that I started making them regularly. Apples are a wonderful source of fiber and we all need fiber! This week, I have also added sweet potato chips. I have found the trick for not grabbing the boxed items are to make PLENTY of chips and have them on hand! Make sure to make lots!


  • 2-3 sweet potatoes


Step 1: Peel sweet potatoes. Use a mandolin (I have the Simple Slicer from Pampered Chef since I am a consultant and LOVE it!) and slice them all to equal width. This helps to prevent burning. If the slices are uneven in size, some will burn and some won’t cook all the way through.

Step 2: Preheat oven to 350 degrees and place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Fill with slices but don’t overlap.

Step 3: Cook until desired texture is reached. I like mine a little crisper like a chip so I almost burn mine. Bake for 20-25 minutes, flip half way. (This gives a nice curve to look like a chip!)

Did you ever notice the difference between an organic and conventional sweet potato? I found this quite interesting. My local grocery store does have organic sweet potatoes however they are a seasonal item and when they are in, I purchase a lot.

The potato on the left is conventional and the two on the right are organic. What a big difference right? I find organic sweet potatoes to have a fresher taste as well.

After the chips bake, place in a container to cool or eat warm. They are delicious either way! Give yourself a healthy treat today 🙂

You can even add some seasonings – cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, etc. prior to baking. Test out different options and see what you enjoy best!


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