13 of 21 Juice Challenge – Morning Cup of Joe

Through my gobs of reading, I came across a juice recipe to energize the body and replace that morning cup of joe! How much I adore my coffee. Let me tell you – I’m a sugar and almond milk kind of girl. I make it religiously every morning. Since I have been juicing, oddly enough, I make my morning cup and juice while it’s sitting there! I now officially have a new love for juicing and I only drink half of my coffee. It has crept into my heart and makes me feel amazing. Even my soda doesn’t compare. As soon as I have these artificial sweeteners, my body is slowly rejecting them. I can tell the difference between what is good and what is not. I find this to be utterly amazing.

I never imagined that juicing would make me feel so good. Make my body feel so alive. Prior to juicing, I didn’t even realize how “dead” I felt. My energy levels were always low and craving this sugar that was in return, depleting my body and making me fall hard. I’m so happy to announce that I’m off  my sugar cravings and wants.

Another point I want to make about juicing, is that it goes straight to the bloodstream. Because it is a liquid, the body does not need to break it down into…go figure, juice! You are already giving it a dosage of the “real deal.”

The great recipe.

  • 4 carrots
  • handful of parsley

Now I know I didn’t discuss with you the benefits of parsley so here are a few:

  • Vitamin A and C = double dosage to strengthen immune system
  • anti-inflammatory
  • filled with antioxidants
  • Vitamin K = used to strengthen bones
  • Vitamin B9 help prevent heart attack and strokes

Garnish with parsley your meals and please add it to your juice!

Even my son is getting in on the action!

Energize yourself. Make you feel good about what you are putting in your body and enjoy the benefits these gifts!

So, what is to this 21-Day Juice Challenge? It’s simple. If you want to participate, you can do so by either juicing every day or when you want! There’s no set time or what should be in your juice! It’s entirely up to you. I simply want to empower you to do something good for yourself. Some people don’t have enough time to eat 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day – some people don’t eat any – this is a fast way to be sure that you are receiving great benefits of juicing! As I have mentioned, you will receive lots of nutrients, vitamins and more.

You may ask why 21 days. Studies have shows that it takes 21 days to create a habit, which means something you do daily. I want this to be a healthier part of our lives together. If you feel compelled, please join me in this journey and we can juice together! What is your favorite juice? Facebook me at https://www.facebook.com/mamapoolecooks and let’s talk or feel free to leave a comment below.

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