Day 1 of 21 Juicing Challenge – Carrot and Apple

I wanted to take on a juicing challenge for many reasons. 1. I’m trying to reach an (my) optimum health 2. I honestly eat very few vegetables and 3. I want to treat and love myself physically, mentally and spiritually and I feel this is a good start. As I have mentioned, I’m not a veggie eater. Yes, I consider myself vegetarian however I don’t eat vegetables regularly. Oxymoron right? It means, I don’t eat meat, correct? I’m ready to make a change and stand on the better side of me. One way to do that is to give back to my body the nutrients it needs to help my body in thanks for it helping my spirit. I feel so blessed to be here on Earth. So thankful to have my health. But as I become more educated by the products surrounding my daily life, I’m in awe of how I really treat myself. To get on the path of wellness, I’m starting off by juicing. By the way, I will discuss this “optimum health” further along my 21-day journey.

Some people juice as a detox for the body. A way to clean out the system if you will. A lot of people even fast as a connection to their higher being. I have read that you will feel more energized, that your body is in tuned with the mind at a higher level and by also it helps alleviates symptoms of depression. Since the foods are no longer in their solid form but a liquid, it absorbs in the bloodstream at a quicker rate as well. Thus, still giving your body the nutrients and phytochemicals your body needs.

I have never done a juice detox but it doesn’t mean that I never will. For now, I want to present 21-days of juicing ideas and combinations. My first combination for day 1 is carrots and apples with a touch of cinnamon. I was very skeptical and my husband wouldn’t take a sip but you know what? I really liked it. As the beautiful orange juice ran out of the container, I actually got happy. It was beautiful. My drinks of soda don’t compare to quality or color and there’s no added sugar. Which one do you prefer?


  • 5 carrots: peeled and ends removed
  • 2 apples: quartered
  • pinch of cinnamon at the end

Stir and enjoy!

So what is to this 21-Day Juice Challenge? It’s simple. If you want to participate, you can do so by either juicing every day or when you want! There’s no set time or what should be in your juice! It’s entirely up to you. I simply want to empower you to do something good for yourself. Some people don’t have enough time to eat 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day – some people don’t eat any – this is a fast way to be sure that you are receiving great benefits of juicing! As I have mentioned, you will receive lots of nutrients, vitamins and more.

You may ask why 21 days. Studies have shows that it takes 21 days to create a habit, which means something you do daily. I want this to be a healthier part of our lives together. If you feel compelled, please join me in this journey and we can juice together! What is your favorite juice? Facebook me at and let’s talk or feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Dixya @ Food, Pleasure and Health says:

    i am very inspired by how motivated you are towards making healthier changes. I do not get enough vegetables on my diet either so juicing sounds like a great idea to me plus you get your fruits intake. I will be following your posts for other juicing ideas and good luck with your journey 🙂

    • mamapoole says:

      Thank you so much for the inspiring comment. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone on getting my veggies! Thank you for the follow – let me know if there’s anything you want me to make and try!

    • mamapoole says:

      Hi Evelyn! It depends on the drink. If it’s a “green” drink, I use it for my breakfast. They fill me up and I don’t feel hungry for a while. If it’s a fruit/vegetable such as carrot and apple, I drink it for a snack as a pick-me-up. I don’t think it really matters when you do it, as long as you have a glass with all those extra nutrients and vitamins. It will make your body feel fantastic.

  2. Tatia says:

    Excellent job Mama! I used to juice avidly (that was over a decade ago) and you have inspired me to jump right back in there….At the time I juiced every day, I was on a raw foods diet for 3 months, which included no meat, dairy, or alcohol. I exercised daily and had an abundance of energy!! Recently I purchased a Nutribullet, and although I love it for the fruit blends, my champion juicer is back out of the cupboard. You have inspired me to ritually juice (and I say ritual because I believe it to be a spiritual practice when the intention is to heal and become more consciously connected)…thank you! Just love your site…

    • mamapoole says:

      Thank you Tatia so much! A raw food diet? I have always wanted to try it and get stuck on what to eat! I’ve been stuck in worlds of testing food out over the past year. How did it make you feel? I have a “horrible” juicer so I’m waiting for Christmas to get another one. I liked doing the challenge for 21 days to make sure I’m consistant with it. The spinach and grapes ironically let me skip my Mountain Dew cravings since its so sweet. Let me know if you have any good “recipes” to try! I’m so happy to have met you 😉

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