You Are My Sunshine…No, that’s not right. Rain, Rain go away…

Have you ever watched those TV shows where they put the days of the week and then ask, what is your weather like? One of our favorite programs is called Sprout. Which can also be found at if you are looking for some extra great kid-friendly recipes and projects. They have fantastic, educational programing with all the bells and whistles for inspiring value-teaching programs such as Calliou (my kids favorite), Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and more. Even first lady, Mrs. Obama herself, gets in on the exercise action. I absolutely love this LIVE (did I mention that?) programing. Please check it out.

Okay, enough about that rant! I’m not even sure where it came from. Oh yes, that’s right…the weather. My kids are curious about the weather as if they were the incredibly famous, Al Roker themselves! It’s fascinating (Yes, I’m talking about Al and the weather!). I have tried many weather type boards but this one works the best. It’s a very hands-on, fun version that is portable too!


  • Magnetic Sheets with Adhesive
  • Photo Fram
  • Foam Sheets


Step 1:  Place a magnetic sheet into frame. Remove any plastic cover so you can play with the magnet.

Step 2: Cut out “weather” pieces from foam. Ex: rain, wind, snow, sun, etc.

Step 3: Turn over the weather pieces and attach a piece of magnetic to the back (it should have adhesive, so no extra tools needed!)

Step 4: Ask your child what the weather is like and have THEM pick out the weather symbol to place onto the frame! Walah, a Weather Station!

(I never said I was an artist btw!)

Decorate the frame with the words, “Weather Station!”

Do you see that diaper box sitting on the side lines? Oh yes, that makes a great fire house too. Soon to come!

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