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Welcome to Ask Mama! This is where either, YOU ask me a question to ask the rest of the world or I’ll be asking you a question about one of my kids! I need help too Mama’s! Please help answer these questions by commenting below or email me at to have your question be the next question! Okay, my turn!

Okay, so I’ve heard from moms that their child runs and falls all the time, climbs in furniture, stands on chairs and does all sorts of gymnastic type activities when they should clearly NOT be doing them! Well, my daughter is one of those “wild” children. I had no clue what a challenge this could be! Just this week, she has fallen down a slide (because she thought she could go down face first apparently), fell of the sofa (right on her little head) and fell off her chair. It makes me feel like a “horrible” mother for not catching her. Even though I clearly say, “NO! NO! NO! SIT DOWN!” this means stand or better yet, RUN!

I placed her in her crib for a “break” and I saw she put her leg to the top and is now trying to climb over her crib! Where is there a safe place?! How do YOU handle a gymnastic child? Being 21-months, this is a challenge for me! Any suggestions Moms?


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  1. Momma's Meals says:

    Hey mamma! What a great question, love your video. I totally didn’t realize that our daughters are the same age, when is her birthday? How awesome, I too have a “wild” child. Well she is a little cautious. She fell down the stairs at our summer camp (head first) at the beginning of the summer so she’s a bit cautious now. I mean a bit. I often ask myself this question too, last week when we went to the park, she went down the slide on her belly (not head first teehee) she did great but then decided to stand up at the bottom (their was a good 3 ft drop) I was at the top of the slide. I flew down that slide faster than any kid could of, thank god I made it LOL. I’m thinking about enrolling Madison in an actual Gymnastics class come fall time, or dance, something that may help take some energy out? My kiddo goes goes goes goes……..non stop. *sighs” I get exhausted watching her, I ran after her today and my body aches…..Sad huh! LOL.

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